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Del Mar Resort

I oppose this project as it is currently proposed.  Although the site for the Resort is in the City of Del Mar, it sits directly on our southern border.  It’s currently zoned for only 18-22 Estate homes, but developers are asking to rezone it to the highest density zoning to build a four-story Resort and conference rooms of over 500,000 square feet, plus 700 underground parking spaces.  If you have seen the story poles, you know how oversized and out of scale this project is with our community. The impacts on views, traffic and lifestyle will be immense and change our City forever.  It’s essential that our City take all available legal action to stop the rezoning of this site. I will work to have our City hire expert consultants to analyze and address the negative impacts so that our position is included in the Environmental Impact Report.  

If however, the developer were to mitigate the negative impacts to our City, I would welcome the opportunity to review and consider a substantially reduced proposal.

Lomas Santa Fe Drive - - No Roundabouts

On September 26, 2018, the City Council approved a resolution to eliminate the roundabout option and to study the striping option.  All four lanes plus turning lanes will remain. When the study is complete, then the City Council will hold a Workshop and a public meeting to receive comments, including via email. Each of the over 400 residents who have previously commented will receive notification of these opportunities so they can weigh in.  I support this process.

It’s important that our City Council listens to and respects the opinions expressed by residents.

Community Choice Energy Program

Last year our City established the Solana Energy Alliance (“SEA”) which gives residents and businesses the option to buy cheaper electricity (3% less than SDG&E) with a higher percentage of electricity from renewable sources.  This creates a competitive alternative to SDG&E.  In addition to providing lower rates, SEA generates a small profit for our City (instead of the profits for SDG&E), which results in money that can be invested back into our community.  SEA is self-funded and does not use taxpayer dollars.  Based on my experience as a Commissioner on the City’s Climate Action Commission, I am uniquely qualified to work as a watchdog to ensure SEA is successfully managed and is financially beneficial for our residents and businesses.


Solana Beach is fiscally strong and has a healthy reserve of approximately one year of operating expenses.  We have dealt with our City's pension problem and our budget reflects our priorities and values.  I will continue to guide our City in a fiscally conservative manner. 

Pot Holes

The City has an emergency repair program and an annual repair program, which happens in October, to address pot holes.  The City will also be introducing an App on smart phones where residents can take a photo of a problem and it will go directly to City staff so that the problem can be addressed.

La Colonia de Eden Gardens

I will work to find funding to renovate the La Colonia de Eden Gardens Community Center and Park.  This is one of our best assets in Solana Beach and our largest park.  I will listen to the community as to what they want to see on the recently purchased land north of the Skate Park.

Other Major Development

There are proposals for major development projects in almost every area of Solana Beach including the following:  Del Mar Resort, Solana Highlands, Lomas Santa Fe Drive Improvements, Train Station, and Assisted Living Center.  I will work to ensure that any development fits the community and I will protect neighborhoods from negative impacts such as noise, traffic, and loss of views.  I will protect the resident's right to participate in how the City is developed. 

Affordable Housing

I believe that regardless of income, everyone deserves quality housing that they can afford.  I support and see as a priority the development of affordable housing in our City.  Solana Beach has a state-certified Housing Element in its General Plan that identifies several areas for affordable housing.  The City Council demonstrated its commitment to affordable housing offering City owned parking lots along Sierra Avenue as possible affordable housing sites. 


Kristi Becker for Solana Beach City Council 2018
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