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Core Values: What I Stand For

Sustainable Progress:  I support the type of progress that maintains the unique character of our neighborhoods, the eclectic buildings in our commercial areas, accessibility to the beach, golf courses and parks, enjoyment of ocean and lagoon views, and the planned quality developments that include restaurants!  Maintaining this as we develop is what I mean by supporting Sustainable Progress.  When reviewing new development, I promise to mitigate negative impacts from traffic, noise, lack of parking and loss of views so our City continues to develop in a sustainable manner.

Fiscal Responsibility:  Review and analysis of the City’s budget confirms that Solana Beach is fiscally strong and has adequate reserves.  Our City has set aside funds for future maintenance of City assets, we are dealing with our pension liability, and we maintain good reserves.  Approximately 60% of our budget goes to public safety, which keeps our City one of the safest in the County.  I will continue to guide our expenditures in a fiscally conservative manner and ensure the City does not unnecessarily spend taxpayer money. 

Environmental Sustainability:  Solana Beach continues to be a leader on environmental issues.  We are doing our part to achieve the State goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using 100% renewable energy by 2035. We completed a Climate Action Plan that specifies how we do this.  As a member of the City Commission that compiled the information in this Plan, I have the experience and qualifications to monitor and evaluate its implementation with an eye to costs as well as effectiveness.

Protecting Neighborhoods:  Solana Beach became a City over 30 years ago so that we could determine how our community progressed and developed.  I will listen to neighborhood input and balance competing property rights.  Our discretionary approval process encourages public participation, dialogue, and compromise and is valued for protecting neighborhoods throughout Solana Beach.


Kristi Becker for Solana Beach City Council 2018
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